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The Train
The Royal Livingstone Express consists of five carriages restored by Rohan Vos of Rovos Rail and pulled by either
Locomotive 156 or Locomotive 204, both of which have been fully restored by Bushtracks Africa.
The train is fully air-conditioned and configured from the front as follows:

Locomotive 156 or 204
Carriage No.6049 Club Car / Kitchen Car
Carriage 4821 Chesterfield Dining Car
Carriage 211 Wembley Dining Car
Carriage 4101 Lounge Car
Carriage 4933 Observation Car

Loco 156

Loco 156 is a 10th class built in 1922-1924 belonging to the largest private railway network in the world, Zambezi Sawmills Limited.  It was used on the Mulobezi Line to pull logging carriages from the forests in Mulobezi to the railhead in Livingstone.  David Shepherd, the renowned wildlife artist, rescued the locomotive and completely restored it to its former glory.  He then donated it to National Heritage.  Bushtracks has subsequently renovated the locomotive to full working order.

Loco 156

Loco 204 is a 12th class locomotive built in 1928 and owned by Zambia Railways Ltd. It is presently undergoing renovation by Bushtracks.

Loco 204 Carriage No. 6049, otherwise known as the ‘Club Car’, houses the small lounge and bar, as well as the kitchen. This can be used as a private venue for pre-dinner drinks for approximately 10 -12 guests. Carriage No. 6049

Carriage No. 4821 is a Chesterfield Dining Car with luxurious leather seats that seats a total of 48 guests in the following configuration:

6 x 4 seat tables
9 x 2 seat tables
2 x 3 seat tables

Carriage No. 4821

Carriage No. 211, the ‘Wembley Dining Car’ seats 44 guests for dinner in the following configuration:

7 x 4 tables
8 x 2 tables

Carriage No. 211

Carriage No. 4101 is the Lounge Car and is serviced from the observation car bar by waiters.

Carriage No. 4101 Carriage No 4933 is the Observation Car and houses a bar and veranda viewing deck. Carriage No 4933